Sunday, February 27, 2011


 The best auto show I've been to and it was all thanks to Lettie. Can't thank her enough for entrusting me with her Nikon D90. Took some 300 pictures, switching between manual and auto focus. Ended up PS'ing many of these afterwards for additional zing. Can't wait to get my own and go nuts again in the near future.

P.S. - sorry for killing your battery :P


[B]ehram said...

damn that camera is nice, i know i enjoyed that camera too but nothing came out good unlike your shots, playa. Like the ones where the headlights look like people staring at you. You got more of bike photos?

Andrew Manzanares said...

damn did u draw these? NICE!

(jk. but seriously i'd like to see actual drawings in this blog. cool pix nonetheless! =P)

aisha said...

Isuzu NPR Turbo
This is my Good luck that I found your post which is according to my search and topic, I think you are a great blogger, thanks for helping me out from my problem..

Anum said...

Beautiful pictures!

Therry´s World said...

Donate me one of these cars :D haha
they´re cool

LvL 85 Warlock said...

Nice blogggg!!!!